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    Hello and thank you for stopping by my blog.

    Here you will see what I am up to, I try and keep my blog updated with recent shoots that I have done or any exciting news I have.

    As a photographer I am not big on words but prefer to convey myself through photographs. So please enjoy scrolling through my images.

    The photo on the right is of myself with my family taken while we were on holiday a little while ago. I put the camera on a tripod and used the "timer" function to be able to be in the picture. I always try update our family photos as I know our kids are growing and changing so quickly.

    Penny x


Last year I met up with Janine, who is the Managing Director of Kaross which is based in Letsitele in Limpopo.  She explained all about Kaross, how it began and their plans/ideas for the future.  She was looking for a photographer to help bring her ideas to life.  I was so grateful to be chosen for this opportunity and have loved every minute of all the shoots we have done together.

Irma Van Rooyen, who is Janine’s Mom started Kaross in 1989.  She has always had a passion for art and had an idea that could help her local community.   Hand-made embroidered items made by the locals which could be sold world-wide.  Kaross now has thousands of people on their books, ladies and men who come to Kaross when they are ready to take on a project or have finished a project, they collect their next work of art and thread and are able to work from home while they embroider their next piece.

These works of art are exported all over the world, each item is personalised by the embroiders own colour choices and their own interpretation of the item they are making, they sign off each piece with their name so you know who has created your item.

I will be sharing 3 different shoots that we have done together, this first one is a more formal one that they wanted for a book they are busy updating and designing.

As well as the formal portraits I went into the factory to take some photos of where all the creating and finishing of the items takes place.

This is a group photograph of all the ladies that gave up their time to come and model for us with some of the pieces made recently.

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A Magical Fairy Photoshoot

I had this vision for a while about trying to “magic up” a photograph of little girls.  When I was booked to take photographs of this family I mentioned the idea to their Mom and she was happy for me to use them as my models, because these were taken after their family photoshoot some bribery was needed but they were brilliant, I got all the images I was after and managed to even get some smiles out of all of them.  All the magical work was done in Photoshop…. it was great fun to do and I enjoyed playing around with photoshop to try and get them images as I had envisioned them.

Stewart Lifestyle Photoshoot

The weather was cold and rainy when this shoot was due to start so we had to delay it for a bit, but once we started shooting the weather stayed dry and we managed to get all the images we wanted.  These little people made me work hard during their shoot but it was so worth it in the end.

Scriven Family Photoshoot

When we started out with this shoot it was pretty cold so, to keep the boys busy and warm we made them run, and run, and run again:)  They did brilliantly, every time we needed a quick photo they came back, I took the shot and they were off again.

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