Every now and then I get a bee in my bonnet about updating my family photos.  It wasn’t so long ago that I managed to get some pics of all of as at the beach so I don’t usually want to take photos after such little time has passed but when I saw Christy Stever Photography’s post on Facebook with photographs of the blooms at Cheerio Gardens I knew that I had to get there.  On Saturday afternoon I asked my bigger kids to go to their cupboards and show me what they had that they could wear, to my surprise my older daughter didn’t have a dress that fitted her anymore and only had gymnastics type clothes (as all she wants to do these days is gymnastics) and my son didn’t have 1 collared shirt.  So, on Sunday morning myself and the kids took the 30 minute drive to our local town to find something for them to wear, luckily I managed to find some things that I was happy with.

As this was the only weekend we were able to do this I forced my husband who had just arrived back from an overseas trip, not having slept all night and having driven 4 hours to get home to have a strong coffee, a shower and off we went to Cheerio Gardens.  It was a beautiful day on the Mountain, the sun was shining, the wind was a bit cold but we got used to it.  It’s hard trying to get photos of your own kids without wanting to throw in the towel.  Mine are all at different stages of being self conscious or just smiling in a stupid way.  After walking around though I managed to get a good variety of images that I was happy with.  I used my tripod to capture a family image of us so I could feature in these photos too as it’s so easy to just not be in the photos but I want my kids to look back on these photos one day and be able to see us all together.  I got a lot more images than the ones shown here but I didn’t want to bore you too much.

I am still planning on hiring a photographer before we move off the Mountain to get some family photos where I don’t have to be Photographer and Mom.


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