Tinyiko and Cliff were married at their home town just outside of Tzaneen.  Since arriving back in South Africa it was the first Traditional African Wedding that I have photographed and what an amazing wedding it was.  The night before the wedding, in typical South African style after a long hot day there was a big thunderstorm, that combined with a weak tent pole caused their “venue” to collapse.  Everything was organised, the matrimonial was to take place at their home then everyone could walk across the road to the reception venue, but unfortunately that all had to change.  Luckily the hall around the corner from their home was available so on the morning of the wedding, with lots of helping hands work began to set the new venue up.  Craig and I arrived at 8:30 in the morning where I was to take photographs of the bride getting ready and Craig went off to the venue to help out and get venue photographs.  With all that had to be done it is amazing that the wedding was only delayed by an hour.

As is Tradition with these weddings no-one was allowed to see the Bride before the Wedding so we stayed inside Tinyiko’s Mom’s bedroom for the photographs and tried to capture her before her Groom saw her.

While Tinyiko was putting her dress on I slipped outside to say hello to Cliff, meet his family and get a few photographs of all of them before the matrimonial took place.  We weren’t able to go very far for these portraits as time was getting on so we went to the back of a house and took a quick few photographs so everyone could get into po

sition for the matrimonial.

 A tent was put up outside the front door of Tinyiko’s Mom’s house where the Matrimonial took place.  It was an extremely hot day in Tzaneen while everyone watched Tinyiko and Cliff make their vows, receive a special blessing and become Man and Wife.

From there, as the guests were having a quick snack after the matrimonial Craig and I went back to the venue to get a few final photographs of the completed venue and await everyone’s arrival.

When the majority of the 500 guests had arrived Tinyiko and Cliff made their entrance to lots of beautiful singing, dancing and celebration!

 Once they were seated the speeches began with lots more traditional dancing, singing and celebrating.

Once the speeches had ended we had a short window of opportunity to get some photographs of everyone.  Below are the photographs taken indoors of family and close friends.

and these images were taken literally in 2 minutes before the skies opened to relieve everyone from the extremely hot day that we all experienced.

Congratulations again to Tinyiko and Cliff on an amazing Wedding and thank you to Tintswalo for all your help throughout the day.

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