photography for beginners course

Have you got a Digital SLR camera and always wanted to know how to use it properly? How to get the best possible images of your children and family?

I have trained a large number of enthusiastic photographers very successfully in the basics of digital photography. My day long course covers the following:

– The importance of using light correctly to make great photographs;
– The settings on your camera explained;
– Creating blur in your photographs (Aperture);
– Capturing speed in your photographs (Shutter Speed);
– ISO, Exposure Compensation and a few other important elements;
– Once you have taken your photographs, what to do with them.

We spend lots of time practicing what you have learnt during the course and finish off with some “models” for you to photograph. There is plenty of time for your questions to be answered and for you to have some one-on-one time with me.

If you would like to set up a course in your area, please get in touch, all you need is a minimum of 5 participants.

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This was my first Photography Course and from an “Auto” setting photographer I feel so much more comfortable taking photos on the other settings and love the new challenge. Thank you so much.


Thank you so much for the wonderful workshop. When we started I knew nothing about operating my camera – comparing to what I know now is one huge difference. I am so glad I came and I can really recommend this to all my friends!


I have been on 2 other photography courses and for the first time I understand the settinngs on my camera and all my questions were answered – can’t wait to go out and play. Thank you so much!


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